In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars twinkle like distant promises, humanity thrived across galaxies. However, prosperity often comes at a price, and in this universe, it was the ceaseless pursuit of resources that drove the engine of progress.

The backstory of "Red Extraction" begins with the discovery of the essence—a rare and immensely valuable substance found deep within the ores of various planets. This essence possessed properties beyond ordinary minerals; it could fuel advanced technologies, heal the sick, and even reshape entire worlds. Corporations, ever hungry for profit and power, recognized its potential and embarked on a relentless quest to harvest it.

As the demand for essence surged, planets became battlegrounds for corporate dominance. Massive harvesters descended upon their surfaces, their metallic arms piercing the soil to extract the precious ores. Entire ecosystems were ravaged, civilizations displaced, and conflicts ignited as corporations clashed over control of the resource-rich worlds.

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