The questing system serves as a dynamic and engaging feature that immerses players deeper into the game's universe. These quests are not just ordinary tasks; they are specially crafted missions set by headquarters for agents to clear, offering exciting challenges and rewarding experiences.

Earning $OVDM Tokens

Completing quests is not only about overcoming obstacles but also about reaping tangible rewards. Each quest successfully cleared grants the user the opportunity to earn $OVDM tokens, the game's native cryptocurrency. These tokens can be claimed and released directly to a user's trust wallet, providing a direct and valuable incentive for completing missions.

Quest Rotation and Updates

To keep the gameplay experience fresh and exciting, quests are updated twice a week, cycling through a pool of diverse challenges. This ensures that players always have new objectives to tackle and remain engaged in the game. However, it's important to note that if quests are not completed before the scheduled update, all progress towards those quests will be lost. This adds an element of urgency and encourages players to stay active and focused on their objectives.

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